Long time Jackpot City general manager Karin Jaeckel had wanted to host the Book of Ra Casino Battle since the competition’s inception over 15 years ago.


General Manager issues

Long time Jackpot City general manager Karin Jaeckel had wanted to host the Book of Ra Casino Battle since the competition’s inception over 15 years ago. The competition was hosted by one of managers of the competing casinos every year. She had climbed the ladder at Jackpot City ever since she was fresh out of college.Long time Jackpot City general manager Karin Jaeckel had wanted to host the Book of Ra Casino Battle since the competition’s inception over 15 years ago. The competition was hosted by one of managers of the competing casinos every year. She had climbed the ladder at Jackpot City ever since she was fresh out of college.

Jackpot City had hosted the Book of Ra Casino Battle two times since Karin Jaeckel started working for the casino and she was amazed of the level of competition every casino brought to the table. She made it her goal to be named the host of the battle five years prior and she had worked harder than anyone at Jackpot City. a Great page for Portuguese online casino reviews is Reidebonusdoscasinos.com. When it was time for Jackpot City to host the battle, four of the best casinos in the region were selected to join the action. The chosen participants were the Oranje Casino, Kroon Casino, Leovegas Casino, and Casumo Casino. The Oranje Casino was the defending champ from the previous battle, but every participant had competed in the past. The last time Jackpot City won the competition was when they last hosted the event.
Book Of Ra the game of all games

The basis of the competition was to determine

The basis of the competition was to determine who was the most popular and well organized casino in the region for the year. The regional council came up with the idea of the Book of Ra Casino Battle to keep the region’s casinos on top of their game and provide constant spectacular customer service.

The region was known as the best in the state for providing the best casinos and the competition was the measuring stick to separate the ones who were on top of their game or needed improvement. The battle was scored by a panel of judges who had all worked in the casino business. The panel included former owners, general managers, and other former executives of great casinos all over the world. It included individuals from the United States, Europe, and Asia. By being named the host for this year’s edition, Karin Jaeckel thought it was the stepping stone to advance her career even further. Normally, the person who hosted the event was given the opportunity to work at some of the biggest casinos abroad. The only thing that would hold them back was a lousy and non-entertaining performance as the host.


The competition also needed a huge sponsor every year to provide the funding for the advertising and the compensation package for the judge panel. This year’s sponsor was Autorin and they were the biggest car dealership in the region. They had hosted the competition three times in the past and they had proven to be the most reliable sponsor. The panel was thrilled to hear that Autorin had been selected to be this year’s sponsor. Since they were experience being the sponsor, Karin Jaeckel was confident that her first time as host would go according to plan.

One thing that Autorin provided for the battle was a program to highlight every competing casino for the panel of judges to review. The program rated each casino for every category that would be judged for the competition. The ratings were based on the previous year’s battle and surveys filled out by random casino goers. The survey participants were asked how many of the competing casinos they regularly attended and only the surveys where each casino was checked were used for the program.


Oranje casino Battle

Oranje casino

The battle was judged off each casino’s slot machines, poker tables, blackjack tables, bingo halls, customer service, cleanliness, jackpot games, and best environment. The Oranje Casino bonus dominated the competition the previous year and won almost every category. The only categories that the Oranje Casino did not win were the blackjack tables and cleanliness. They finished second in each category to the Kroon Casino who finished second in the overall competition. The Kroon Casino had finished second place in three consecutive Book of Ra Casino Battles and they were itching to win their first competition in the casino’s history.

The Leovegas Casino had made several key improvements and thought they had a great chance to win for the first time in over five years. The Casumo Casino was the new kid on the block and this year’s battle would be only their second in casino history. The host casino, Jackpot City, had been in every battle, but they had only won twice in their casino’s history. Autorin was the sponsor the year they won their last battle and Karin Jaeckel believed it was a sign of good luck that her casino would take home first place.

Leovegas in the Battle

The Autorin car dealership spent several months advertising the Book of Ra Casino Battle on their commercials and social media pages. They painted logos for the competition beneath all their company’s logos at their regional dealership locations. In addition to television time previewing the casino competition, there were radio commercials previewing each individual casino. One of the radio commercials featuring the host, Karin Jaeckel, talking about the new features of this year’s battle.

The preview program that gave the panel of judges everything they needed to know about the competition predicted the Oranje Casino to sweep the competition. They were expected to win every category and take home the title for the second straight year. The Kroon Casino bonus was predicted to come in second place. Jackpot City, the host casino for this year’s battle, was expected to come in third. The Leovegas and Casumo Casinos were predicted to fill in the remaining two slots of the Book of Ra Casino Battle.

Is Kroon casino Relevant The first category to be judged was the slot machines and every casino brought their two best slot machine games they had to offer. The Oranje Casino returned with the same two slot machines as they had the previous year, but it turned out to be a huge mistake.

Kroon Casino and Jackpot City made tremendous improvements to their own slot machine repertoire and they ousted the Oranje Casino for first and second place in the category. The poker table category offered another upset as the Leovegas Casino stormed from the rear of the pack to take first place due to the excellence of their dealers.

They had brand new dealers than the previous year and the efficiency of their poker games was second to none. The Casumo Casino surprised the judge panel and they finished with a respectable third place finish.  The blackjack tables saw the Leovegas take home another first-place category which put them in first place for the entire competition after three rounds. Jackpot City came in second place for the blackjack tables category just like they did with the poker tables category. Karin Jaeckel was pleased to see her casino put in a strong showing after the first part of the Book of Ra Casino Battle.

Kroon casino  

Jackpot City and Oranje share the Pie

The Oranje Casino finally scored their first win of the battle by taking home the bingo hall competition. There was no guessing which casino offered the best bingo games for customers. Jackpot City and Kroon Casino took second and third as many had thought prior to the competition. Karin Jaeckel took great pride when Jackpot City on Gamblinggoose took first place in both the cleanliness and customer service categories.

She had worked extremely hard over the past year to ensure her casino was always offering top notch service. Kroon Casino came in second place and Oranje Casino came in third place for each category. Jackpot City and Kroon Casino were neck and neck for first place heading into the final categories of the battle.

The Autorin standings showed the top two casinos separated by the slimmest of margins with Oranje Casino several points behind in third. Leovegas stood in fourth and Casumo was last, and it looked like they were not going to move up the standings down the stretch.

The final categories

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